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Whomp Rocket set

Whomp Rocket set

These desktop Whomp Rockets are a blast! Simply slide the rocket over the tube, and Whomp in the launcher, forcing air into the rocket and blasting it 5+ feet high! (Results may vary)

Customize your launcher in whatever colors your want! Message us if your preference isn’t listed or you want something really custom.

Package includes:

One launcher

Two (2) Starship rockets

Two (2) Standard Spin Rockets

Check out our Etsy shop, we are constantly adding new things. We also offer very competitive rates for custom 3D Printing requests. One thing that sets us apart from other print shops is our dedication to quality. We run a fleet of 3D printers in house in order to make more time available for each order. We will never sacrifice quality for time.

Due to the nature of 3D printing parts, some parts may contain minor defects. We strive for good quality control but sometimes defects are hidden under the surface. Please contact us if you think you have a defect with any of your printed items. May not be suitable for children due to function, and the slight possibility of small parts breaking off. Please exercise extreme caution using these - Do not point or shoot at any thing living - These do launch at a good rate and are pointy, adult supervision required

Not for small children, small parts are a potential choking hazard.

Spin Rockets and Launcher 3D Modeled by LoboCNC - Add-on's and Modifications by 3D Cubed Printing LLC

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