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We Are Giving Back to Those Passionate about 3D Printing

3D Cubed Printing
& Design Giveaway

Enter to Win

We are accepting submissions for our annual giveaway from August 1st to September 30th, 2022. The winning entrant will receive a 3D Print of their preferred design. We are humbled to receive an abundance of yearly submissions. If you don't win this year we invite you to apply next year. 


Get The 3D Print You've AlwaysWanted

Step One

Explore 3D Print Blueprints

Browse a variety of 3D print blueprints by exploring our list of favorite sites


Step Two

Submit Your Design 

After you have chosen your favorite 3D blueprint submit the file using the application form down below. 


Step Three

Step Three


Check Your Email

After submitting your design using the giveaway application you will receive an email to confirm your entry. The email will also come with a pre-made post for you to share on social media.

Be sure share the post and tag @3d_cubed_printing on Instagram to complete your entry. 

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Giveaway Application

Upload a file or share a link

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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