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Hand Pencil Topper and Keychain

Hand Pencil Topper and Keychain

Are you ready for Halloween yet?  This moveable hand pencil or straw topper will certainly creep our any guest!


The fingeres are all hinged, and move when you shake your pencil (Not like that, come on now 😂)


Comes as a 2-Pack - Includes 1 pencil topper and one keychain.


Fits standard No 2 Pencils and some mechanical pencils and pens. Also fits well on some straws


Not for small children, the small parts of the fingers can break with enough force and become a choking hazard.  Not guaranteed to fit as a topper to every pen and pencil.  Model created by Dan at FlexiFactory - 3D Cubed is an authorized vendor of all FlexiFactory models.

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