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Ammunition Chess Set

Ammunition Chess Set

SKU: AmmoChessV3

Custom made, 3D Printed ammo themed Chess Set. Can be adjusted to certain calibers upon request, otherwise it comes as pictured. The bases of the piece differentiate the sides, and to stick with the theme, they are Military Tan and Olive Drab, but can also be changed upon request.

The Set includes the Plano Storage Box and all 32 Chess Pieces.
Chess Board is NOT included.

Being 3D Printed, not every set is 100% the same, due to the process, the surface textures and finishes can vary slightly from print to print. I am a perfectionist and pay very close attention to the fine details, but I don't catch everything, so some prints might have very minor flaws or imperfections.


    Most parts are Print to Order, so please allow up to one week processing time before shipping.  We work diligently to get orders shipped out as soon as possible while sticking to our strict quality control practices.  

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