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Jet Stand Cradle for CARF Ultraflash Evo

Jet Stand Cradle for CARF Ultraflash Evo

With the amazing sleek design, the CARF models Ultraflash tends to be a little tricky to place it upside down for maintenance and assembly. So we fixed that with a stable and very easy to use cradle. Small foam pads on the stand hold the jet perfectly, keeping it stable and safe. It does need to be setup near the edge of a table so the horizontal stabilizer can hang off the edge. We can custom engrave your name, AMA Number, or even some logo’s into your stand to personalize it for you. Message us with any questions and requests today, and we’ll work with you through the hole process to make it 100% perfect for you!

Requires Two pieces of 3/4inch PVC pipe, 16 inch long each.

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