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Tesla Supercharger USB Phone Charger

Tesla Supercharger USB Phone Charger

Modeled after the Tesla Supercharger stations, this is the perfect phone charger to keep you desk or work station neat and tidy.  Available in a huge variety of colors, traditional red to match the real thing, blue, green and pink are all pre-printed and read to ship, and custom colors are available upon request.  USB Cable is not included.


Time isn't a problem, we never sacrifice quality for time.  We use very fine printing settings on all our prints to make them look the best we possible even though it can take 2 or 3 times as long to complete.


Custom printing services are available too!  Don't be shy, message us today if there's anything you want!  


3D Modeled by Swholmstead.  Printed by 3D Cubed Printing LLC.

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