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Remote Control F1 Car - designed by OpenRC

Remote Control F1 Car - designed by OpenRC

Fully working, Remote Control F1 car!  3D Printed out of various materials for durability and reliability, plus everything on it is replaceable!


Tons of options and colors available, change up the front intake scoopes, front and rear spoilers, rims, even two-tone body panels, it's fully customizable!


Kit includes all the parts and hardware to assemble the car - All you need seperately are the electronics.

Assembled version is availabe too, where we put everything together for you, and all you need to do is add your electronics.


First the most standard 540 size RC motors, and most standard 2S Lipo RC Batteries.  Message us for details or if you have any quesitons about these cars!  Once an order is placed - we will get intouch with you for the details, like color, versions and the wings and rims, ect. and custom make each car to your specifications.


Car is designed by Daniel Noree, huge shout out to Daniel and OpenRC for these models, excellent job!

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