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Battle box ammo box

Battle box ammo box

Custom made to order, 45 ACP Ammo storage boxes. Can be customized with different logos or lettering in the lid and it doesn't effect the stacking capability. Holds 50 rounds, and the lid slides freely so you can drop out 5 rounds at a time. Nice easy to read logo on both ends, perfect for storage in an ammo case or in a gun safe so you can tell what is what. Available in other calibers and round quantities, if you don't see the right one listed for your needs, message us today and we'll make it for you!

Perfect for range day, keeps your ammo organized and easily accessible. No more showing up to the range with stuff in a cardboard box, zip log bag, or loose in your gun bag.

NO Ammo is included.

Field box Can be purchased separately

Designed by EvolvingExtrusions - modified and manufactured by 3D Cubed Printing.

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